.08 Hibernation





today i cried reading stories about families from japan.  i don’t wish a
natural disaster on anyone, but sometimes think it would be nice to start
over.  i want to stop being pseudo practical and instead sway between the
two extremes: living off the land and purchasing delirium-producing art.
as a self-loathing yuppie, i suppose i can say this without a second thought.
maybe it’s just the suburban madness striking again.  in any case, sewer
hibernation has become quite alluring.  maybe i’ll end up in narnia and be
able to finally have conversations with the family of rabbits nesting behind
my apartment.

current day dreams include, but are not limited to:
– ridding myself of ridiculous day dreams about charted star
voyaging, chopping firewood and living in trees
– moving to la conner to watch old barns rot into the ground [much
more practical]

current fantasies, ah well, those are just for me.



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