.017 Beastly

i am obsessed with animal heads on human bodies, as all people should be once in their life, perhaps in small hope that one day an otter head will come poking out of my collar and i can finally eat sushi all day long without the hassle of chopsticks (or fitting into my clothing the following day).  chances are that if you’ve submitted artwork featuring cute and cuddlies in human monocles or bowties, i’ve cleared a runway for you in vain. i cannot, afterall, be unbiased when it comes to squirrels and badgers.

i hate that i have to find these little treasures all on my own.  mostly, i want another young artist romance so that they can share these oddities with me in small love letters, though, i admit, i am too weary to go in search of one or perhaps already know that none will live up to the ones in the past.  i still dream of sending you seashells and recipes for the best damn banana bread you could ever imagine.

but usually, i stop myself.

wolfgang – pyramid song (radiohead cover)


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